Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tanzania photos

Mr. Rasa and I before lunch with the HIV orphans

Mr. Rasa and I in the office of the physician who provides free health care to the locals every morning.

The goat that will be part of next week's luncheon for the orphans.

Me and Mr. Rasa's assistant George, the person who took these photos.


Gillian said...

Ewe looks so good with Lamb Chops!

Stan said...

What a great day! Tanzania has an interesting history. One of the earliest African countries to get its independence, it was led into socialism by Julius Nyerere. Forced agricultural collectivization was a disaster and finally abandoned. Maybe the collectivization experience did suppress tribalism and can account for the strong sense of nationalism you noticed.

Another interesting fact is that goat meat and milk is actually far more popular throught the world than beef or cows milk. I guess goats are much more adaptable than cows to different climates/environments.

Back to Tanzania, the Swahili language has supplanted English to a large extent as the lingua franca in Tanzania. That might be why it is hard to find English speakers.

A fascinating trip so far!