Thursday, January 27, 1994

Reader to Reader

Two young, fast-talking, yellow-jacketed traders waiting for the elevator at the Merc:

"When I'm at a bar and I have to wait more than two minutes for a beer, I'm out of there. It was the best thing that happened to me the other night though. The next place I went I met the greatest chick."

"What happened to Joanne?"

"Oh, I had to dump her a couple of weeks ago. She started acting like a wife, a beast of a wife."

"Hadn't you been living together a while?"

"Yeah, two years."

"That's too bad."

"Ah, but this new one's great."

"They all turn out the same."

"Not this one. I can tell she's gonna be different. She doesn't have any of that possessiveness shit like Joanne did. I could see it in her from the start."