Wednesday, May 30, 2012

French Newspaper Article

And the translation by Janina:

Meeting with an Enthusiast

There are meetings (or encounters) without importance, others that are unforgettable.  It is in the second category that it is necessary to classify this encounter that took place on the 7th of May at the home of Colette Fauchié, a  passionate bicyclist.  She and her friend Yvon Mevel—an Alsatian who is by birth a Breton born in Oran, speaking in English— entertained a friend of Yvon, George Christensen, an American from Chicago, Illinois.  They were also joined René Cumer, President of the local bicycle club.

During the last 26 years George has rejected all of what makes up an ordinary life including the constraints, the compromises and the lure of gain. His studies as a journalist bored him. He discovered three passions: libraries, the cinema and the bicycle. He establishes his itineraries around these three things: thus to be at Cannes by the 14th of May to see as many films as possible while camping near La Crosiette. After his arrival at Charles De Gaulle airport, he followed an indirect circuit to Cannes, which brought him to Degagnac (by chance via Tulle May 6!) to see his friend Yvon, and to pass by Graulhet later to see a memorial dedicated to Poulidor. He has promised to be on the Champs d’Elysseés for the arrival of the Tour de France.
In between? He will make a detour to Belgium to visit the memorial dedicated to Stan Okers, before attending the departure of the Tour de France at Liège.  Perhaps he will make a detour to the US where he gives university lectures about his travels, providing him his airfare and the 7 euros a day he spends on food which he carries  on his bike along with his tent and four panniers.

For each country he visits, his phenomenal memory allows him to remember the place where he slept (always outside), and the culinary specialties.  His preference is for Cassoulet, Cous-cous and Quiche Lorraines. His blog (which he writes every day in a library) is thrilling.

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Great article George. Glad you get recognition.