Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Eat Your Heart Out, Lance!

YEEHAA! A glorious day of biking! The roads of Wisconsin are beautiful. It's as if the whole country road system is one big bike path.

We left Yellowstone Lake, near Mineral Point, this morning at nine, and just pulled into a campground near Belvidere, for a whopping 94 miles, including the 30-mile stretch from Monroe to Beloit in two hours! We were scorching at close to forty miles per hour down some of the hills.

After fueling up at Beloit with two Chicago style hot dogs and a chocolate malt, we mounted up again and crossed into Illinois, heading due east with the sun and wind at out backs, watching our shadows on the pavement ahead and the setting sun skimming across the cornfields as we rode fast and silent beneath canopies of huge oak and maple trees. We averaged almost 25 mph for one five-mile stretch.

This is biking to die for!

70 miles from Chicago

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